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MCAA Webinar: Powerful New Federal Tax Incentives and Marketing Tools for Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Production


MCAA Webinar - 2023-01-18

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Join Jim Gaffney for a Webinar to Learn about Powerful New Tax Incentives and Marketing Tools

Wednesday, January 18, 2023 
1:00pm EST 

Starting January 29, 2023, certain construction projects that promote energy efficiency and clean energy production will qualify for substantially larger tax credits if they are performed by contractors that employ apprentices from a registered program and pay prevailing wage. These enhanced incentives will provide a significant competitive advantage to signatory contractors with existing relationships with unions and experience complying with prevailing wage and apprenticeship standards. On January 18, 2023 at 1:00 pm Eastern, Jim Gaffney, Chairman of MCAA’s Government Affairs Committee, will host a webinar to educate MCAA members about these incentives and how to use them as marketing tools and provide guidance on how to assure facility owners that your business complies with the requirements of the law. Chairman Gaffney will be joined by Vince Sarubbi, Director of Government Relations at MCAA, and Lauren Rayner Davis, a Senior Associate at Peckar & Abramson and a compliance expert. Please don’t hesitate to call Vince Sarubbi at 301-990-2219 with any questions.

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